Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cinnamon and Spice Fall Challenge Piece

Cinnamon & Spice
By Bonnie Jones

"Cinnamon and Spice" were created in the studio of Bonnie Jones. This piece is One of A Kind (OOAK) designed and handmade by the artist.

Cinnamon is the 8" Fairy sitting on top of the pumpkin. She is a full body sculpt of Puppen Fimo and she is dressed in Fimo sculpted clothes. Her hair is dyed mohair with a sculpted Fimo crown and she has handmade blue eyes with mohair eyelashes. Spice, the little 4" fairy standing beside her, is sculpted from Puppen fimo. They both have mixed media wings which can be removed.

Every Fall, Spice hunts for the orange spicy berrys and he is offering her one of his treasured berries; but, as you can see, she does not want it and would rather he leave her alone!!

The pumpkin is sculpted from paper clay with Apoxie Clay leaves and the berries,vines and leaves around the base are sculpted from Apoxie Clay. The diameter of the base is 5" and the entire piece measures 9.5" tall.


dollproject said...

I love the story Bonnie--poor little Spice. Cinnamon's raised hand is awesome! I see it has already sold too! Congrats :].

Itsy Bitsy Funzy Onesie said...


Bonnie said...

Thank you Jess and Itsy Bitsy (I don't know your name yet). This is a beautiful blog!!

Kate said...

This is a beautiful piece! I just love looking at all the details and the attitude! :) wonderful!