Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Smll ideas for small dolls

I am enjoying my doll making at the moment - in spite of the fact it's a frantic dash to get orders done for clients and shops. I have been applying heat set Swarovski crystals recently to great effect. Combined with beading they work very well on paler colours. I received a shipment of new vintage charms the other day too and have used one - a pink swan - as a handbag for the red doll. It looks great!


Crystals are the main focus of the pale cream 'heart charm' doll but if you look closely she has a unique hear charm with a moveable arrow. Sweet.


Another addition to my armoury has been paperclips. Yep, the humble paperclip is now a decorative item. Especially if they are circular ones that form part of a pale dress.



dollproject said...

I love the shoulder lean the gal at the top has. These are all fun :]

uneekdolldesigns said...

I love the style of these! Sort of has 1920's feel to them!