Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Early works, all sold

This gold skirted doll was my first Dream Star doll, my first painted face doll, and my second art doll ever. I had made another doll as a gift but hadn't been thinking of it becoming a big deal so I didn't take any photos before sending her on her way. I thought that was fun, I'll make more - and the rest, as they say, is history.

Either Way Dolls - soft pillow dolls as children's toys from a gingerbread man style pattern. My daughter and I couldn't agree which side of two coordinating fabrics should be the face, so "either way" - buyer's choice. The felt vest is removable.


twenty pound tabby said...

The either way dolls are a great idea. It looks like you just flop the hair over which ever you pick is the back of the head, and can change your mind late.
That's a pretty darn good face for a first ever painted face!

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Thank you - the face was permanent marker and oil pastels, which I swiftly found didn't allow me to get the shading I sought. I should say first painted face *on a doll*. I've drawn and painted faces on paper and fabric for other purposes. The other doll I had made had an abstract beaded face - spirals for eyes - interesting in a different way. I sold out of Either Way dolls on Etsy, but I thought I'd make up some more in time for the holidays. I just love those batik quilters' cottons that co-ordinate so nicely.