Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pumpkinhaus Earthlies Plaything

I just finished up my first alchemy bid for a Pumpkinhaus Earthlie. A fellow team member from the Cafemom Etsymoms group requested a doll from me with faerie wings for her soon to be one year old daughter. They are fixing up her nursery, and asked if I could make a guardian faerie for her room! Of course I would be into that, how cool!This is also the first time I used plastic eyes on the Earthlies, and I am really happy with the results. Her hair is handspun, hand dyed yarn. It is super soft in shades of lavender and pink.
I made the wings detatchable, much like a pair of childs dress up wings. There are elastic loops that go around the shoulder of the doll. Rowan (my 5yo) especially approved of this feature. They are rigid wings covered with hand shibori dyed cotton fabric, tulle, and hand made pom poms.
The dress features hand dyed vintage lace and a fun bright batik print.
I'm shipping her out on monday, and I hate to see her go! I hope she takes good care of her new little sprite!


dollproject said...

I love her little toes! How wonderful to be part of a new person's life :].

Diana said...

What a totally wonderful doll!