Monday, July 28, 2008

So, a couple of weeks ago, my love of ragdolls was rekindled when I made my two year old niece a couple of semi traditional Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls for her birthday. After following (sort of) a pattern, I needed to stretch my legs a bit, and out popped The Pumpkinhaus Prims!
Mable & Sally are the first of the family to arrive at the party... find out more about them at The Pumpkinhaus!


dollproject said...

These are such an original style! But they still look like your work. I love the curly legs :].

Anonymous said...

I have never seen dolls like yours and they are truly original. I love their heavy eyelids and noses! Thanks for sharing:)

Janyce said...

Lovely, original style. Glad your interest in rag dolls has been rekindled! Thanks for sharing your work.