Monday, July 7, 2008

Putting together an ad

I know that advertising my dolls off of Etsy is the very important, but my goodness ads are expensive. I found this site and am going to try an ad in FiberArts.

I think the worst part is trying to decide which picture to use.
I like these first 2 with the gold lighting.

Yet these other photos have a nice quality of light too. I know I need to just pick one and send it. If anyone has suggestion about which picture I should use, feel free to let me know.

Of course, I'll let everyone know if this ad makes any difference to my sales. But all of you might want to check out the site and see if a magazine listed might just be right for you.

Good luck with your ads!!!


dollproject said...

I like the gold ones better too. They set a nice atmosphere. Good luck with your decision!

Anonymous said...

I'm with the gold...and I think Fiber Arts would be a great match for you! (and when the heck is the next issue due out, anyways??)

Janyce said...

I'm thinking the gold seems warmer than the whiter lighting. Hope the ad brings lots of sales and attention to your work.

Laura Bartlett said...

Thanks y'all. I picked the gold one where you can see her hands. I was so proud that her hands turned out so nicely that I couldn't resist using that one.

All I know is Oct 14th is the publication date for the Nov/Dec issue. I don't know when it will hit the stands.

Laura Bartlett said...

Well, that's wonderful. There weren't enough submissions so the group ad was cancelled... rats