Thursday, July 17, 2008

Angels And Demons

I finished the doll I made for the Nibblefest Art Contest today.
The theme is Angels & Demons...
She's 22 inches tall and completely hand stitched. She's wearing a white crinkled chiffon gown that just flows so nicely... I really love that fabric!

Her Angel wings are stitched with white wool and soft white feathers each individually sewn on.
She carries a little ancient Egyptian book of the dead that I sculpted with paper clay.

It also has little working pages inside filled with actual hieroglyphics from the original.

And a pewter cross on a chain.

She's hiding black panties, fishnet stockings and black leather shoes underneath.

And she has two little black demon horns coming out of her head.

I had fun making this doll and I think she came out just lovely! :)

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Laura Bartlett said...

I love this angel. You did a really nice job on her.

Janyce said...

Love the detail! You've thought of everything. This must have been a really fun piece to work on...very creative.

twenty pound tabby said...

The book fascinates me. I'd look to get a closer look. It looks like it has real paper pages with writing on them in it?

dollproject said...

I love her! She'll blow them all away. (Literally by the looks of her ;])

Jodi said...

Thanks so much guys! It was a really fun project. I don't join in these contests often but I like to keep my eye on the themes incase one of them jumps out at me like this one did.

Tabby... it does have real pages. It doesn't open completely, but the pages are movable and contain hieroglyphics from the original book.