Monday, June 30, 2008

Step by Step: Completion

Once the plaster gauze dried, additional textural elements were added such as burlap and microbeads (the former was adhered with gel medium, the latter with Diamond Glaze) then the entire surface was treated with an iron surfacer and rusting agents.

After the rusting had completed (approximately 5 hrs) I lay down a thin wash of Pthalo blue over the majority of the body, followed by detailing with metallic acrylics and Twinkling H2O's for a patinaed effect.

Finally, I detailed the face a bit...I was going for a statuary effect, so I didn't want it hyper-detailed, and gold-leafed the headdress.


Laura Bartlett said...


Robyn L. Coburn said...

I love this figure. Plaster gauze is one of my favorite sculpting mediums. I love the texture in the gold leaf on the egg head.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both...and I agree, Robin, plaster gauze is *quite* fun! (and sadly I just realized I'm out of it...time to head to the store!)

cat said...

Your doll came out awesome!!!Thanks for sharing your creative process!