Saturday, June 28, 2008

Appropriate Categorization Petition

(Abbreviated from original Etsy Forums post)
We need your help!! For at least two years, possibly longer, art doll artists, miniaturists, and non-toy dollmakers have been trying to get categories set up for their particular art here on Etsy. We'reconsistently frustrated by the difficulty buyers and collectors encounter while trying to find our work. We regularly have customers tell us they would never find us on Etsy if we didn't send them a direct link. Other doll artists and miniaturists who haven't yet signed up on Etsy hesitate to do so because there is no clear category on Etsy for them to list their items.

A number of art doll artists and miniaturists on Etsy are frustrated by the lack of category for listing our dolls and miniatures. Some of us have decided to put together a petition, signed by as many dollartists and buyers on Etsy as possible, and present it to Etsy adminin the hopes of getting our category created. We believe that the onlyway to make Etsy admin really listen to us is to present a unified front with all "orphan" doll artists who have problems finding the right place to list their pieces.

WE WILL HAVE MORE IMPACT IF WE WORK TOGETHER! Please contact anyone you think might be interested in this as well and ask them to sign our petition.

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